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When I was young, certainly too young to see a David Lynch film my parents took me into the city to see a movie, named Blue Velvet. It was during that bizarre experience I realized that you "didn't have to conform"?”


Years later, stranded in a small mountain town I learned that Montana State University had a film school. After a quick stop back to Philly, I packed my bags and left home to get a film degree with only $700 dollars in my pocket. Luckily, I had another skill that was just becoming a "thing", brewing beer. I began home-brewing in 9th grade and by 1990 I was well versed in craft beer, especially for a 17 year old. From 1994-2000 I ran a small brewery while paying my way throu film school.

It was those years that I realized you can only do what you love to succeed. I have never been money motivated, for me it has always been about the experience and the journey. I love the autonomy, and being in control of a very large piece of the overall outcome of a project. My philosophy toward sound is odd but simple. A great sound person is like anchovy paste, it’s an essential element in a caesar salad, but you shouldn't know that it exist. Sound should be a supporting role to picture, it should not impede the viewers experience. I am pragmatic, I always try to support other departments without compromising sound quality.

I have been blessed with a rewarding career. I have traveled the world over and have so many unbeliveable stories that my grandchildren will think I'm lying. From crawling through Pablo Escobar's escape tunnels in Colombia to working with Presidents of the United States.


I love to tell stories and listen to them, if you'd like to chat further about a project or are in need of more crew please don't hesitate to reach out. I live and work in Philadelphia, I know her strengths and her shortcomings!


Norsor Independent


Blue Print of The World – Sizzler - Active


Fur-Ever Home – Sizzler - Active


Shelton – Sizzler (ecommerce) - Active


Hiawatha 100th– Documentary 

Leopard Films, USA 


House Hunters International – Home and Garden TV – 2012-2018


Dear Genevieve, TV series - Home and Garden TV  - 2012-13

Sample of Sound Credits 

HGTV, MTV, Discovery, TLC, MSNBC, A&E, DIY, NFL, Nickelodeon, FYI, VICE, NatGeo, PBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Corporate

Black Boys - (Documentary), Netflix, 2018

Philadelphia Orchestra - Social Media - RT Productions, 2018

Married at First Sight - FYI, 2018

Intervention - Hallmark, 2018


Astra Zeneca Product Compliance Video, 2018

US National Guard Recruitment Campaign, 2018

Instachef - Thrillist 2018 

Indivisible - NFL Network 2018

Explorer – National Geographic 2018

Unschooled – Wavelength Pictures, 2018


VICE – HBO, 2018


House Hunters International – HGTV 2009 - 2018


Unschooled, Documentary, 2018

True Crime, Independent Feature, 2018


Active911, Commercial, 2018 


Backpack Full of Cash, Documentary, 2016


Unplugged Nation, TV series - FYI, 2015


Dear Genevieve, TV series - HGTV, 2010-2011


American Experience, Documentary PBS, 2014-2015

Natural Reboot, TV series – Veria, 2014


Memory/Loss TV series. - NFL. 2013


Game Changers, TV series.  2013


Why Men Cheat, documentary. 2012

Mom Caves, TV series – HGTV 2012


After the First 48, TV series, A&E 2012


Biz Kid$, TV series. 2012


Hidden Potential, TV series - HGTV 2008-2009


American Gangster, TV series - BET 2007


Mission: Organization, TV series - HGTV 2006


Hi-Jinks, TV series - Nickelodeon 2005

Unwrapped, TV series - Food Network, 2004


Perfect Proposal, TV series - TLC, 2003

A Dating Story, TV series - TLC, 2001

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