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I've been a freelance owner/operator since 2004 and have over 700 shoots under my belt. I own an extensive sound package that is equipped for almost any project. I love the documentary format, being embedded into the narrative and trying to capture those audible moments without the subject distracted by my presence.

I have directed two network series, Dear Genevieve and House Hunters International. These shows taught me how to manage time against the setting sun all while getting to the root of the story and preventing crew-mutiny.


I am road tested, an expert at moving gear through foreign customs. I've recorded or directing 70+ projects in 56 countries, I’ve managed all kinds of unwanted surprises from equipment malfunction to cultural challenges many times in less than ideal enviroments.


I Identify and quickly resolve technical issues and make production as fluid as possible. I like collaborating with producers and directors to help enhance the story and vision they have in mind. It is very important to me to be known as an added value and not as a necessary evil.      

About me...

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